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July 25, 2024


Chariots of Firefighters
by Michael Heller

» The Resplendent Demon
Compiled by Michael Heller

On Fire
by Larry Schwarm

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by Steve Spak

The Resplendent Demon The Resplendent Demon
A collection of fire photography
Compiled by Michael Heller

• December 2003
• 80 pages
• 48 color photographs
$32.99 + $5.00 S&H (Hardcover)
$26.99 + $5.00 S&H (Softcover)

About the Book
How to Order

About the Book

911 Pictures is very, very pleased to announce the publication of its first book of beautiful fire scene photographs, "The Resplendent Demon"!

This 80-page picture book contains 48 stunning full-color photographs, hand-picked from 911 Picture's archive of over 2,400 images, of the most magnificent and dramatic fire scenes we have on file, taken by 16 of our most accomplished photographers. For us, the book is our way of showing that the world of firefighting, as dangerous and gritty as it is, can also sometimes be quite breathtaking in its beauty.

If you are someone who is in the fire service, appreciates or loves the fire service, or who even just loves fine photography, we believe this book would make an excellent addition to your library.


"What is beauty? What is considered beautiful? On the surface, we all seem to know inherently when something is beautiful: a spectacular tropical sunset stretching across the sky; a magnificent diamond-and-ruby necklace; a happy toddler's unadulterated laugh of pure joy. These things seem so obvious that at times we risk taking their beauty for granted.

Just as all of us know what is beautiful, we all know what is ugly and horrible. Strangely, however, as human beings we are equally fascinated by the horrible as we are by the beautiful: tragedy and destruction seem to captivate our attention as just as much as beauty does - if not even more so, as the media floods us on a daily basis with pictures of tragic events from home and around the world, to the point where again we are perhaps guilty of becoming desensitized to the distressing images, and take them for granted.

As photographers, we are charged with the task of trying to show people different aspects of the world that we see and have seen, in ways that perhaps they have never seen before. A successful photograph will not only be captivating to the eye, but will also offer an opportunity to change your mind about how you see the world around you; sometimes in ways that you might not normally expect. A successful photograph may challenge your beliefs, and ultimately may end up changing in some small way how you see the world from that point on in your life to no longer take what you see for granted.

The 16 photographers whose works appear in this book are special individuals. Special, I feel, because with their unique talents they are able to take something that by all rights could be considered horrible and tragic -- fire, and the death and destruction that it can bring -- and show us a different view of fire that we haven't seen or thought of before: within that horror there can be a terrific beauty as well. A beauty that is both magnificent and horrible at the same time -- a Resplendent Demon.

It is a form of beauty that few ever get to see, let alone experience. It shows itself only rarely, and only if you know where and when to look for it -- a rare thing, as many beautiful things can be. The images in this book are those rare moments, captured by those who are most adept at finding them. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have experienced it personally, we are always left awed and humbled by the power, magnificence, grandeur - and yes, beauty, of fire. It is my hope that the images in this book will make you feel the same way too."

Michael Heller, August 2003

How to Order

"The Resplendent Demon" is available on both hard and softcover editions. The softcover edition is only $26.99, and the hardcover edition is $32.99, (discounts are available for orders of multiple copies. Does not include $5.00 for S&H) You may order copies of the book through 911 Pictures -- we accept checks, MasterCard and VISA -- or order directly through our publisher, Xlibris.

To Order Through 911 Pictures:

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